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Should I File for Bankruptcy for Medical Bills?

A story involving a $17,000 post-surgery drug test has made headlines across the country. The story involves a 30-year-old Texas State University student who was billed $17,000 after she took a drug test to show that she was not abusing her pain medication. According to the woman, the laboratory that conducted the testing was out-of-network and billed her excessively for the services she received. Out-of-network hospital bills have become a major financial problem for millions of Americans. Even in cases where you do have insurance and select a hospital that is covered by your insurance, certain specialists or employees may not be covered. You could be stuck paying the remainder of what your insurance will not cover, if it covers anything at all. Many people have filed for bankruptcy to discharge medical bills. Whether you should file for bankruptcy on your medical bills would depend on the circumstances. You could…
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Five Employee Issues Where You Should Consult with a Business Attorney

Last week’s blog talked about the different ways your business could face an employment lawsuit. More can be said about the types of employment issues that could lead to these lawsuits. There are situations where you should consider consulting with a business attorney. These situations may include when: You are hiring independent contractors. An attorney could help keep you out of hot water if you are planning to use independent contractors. There are specific rules that apply to how independent contractors are classified and treated. You would also want to draw up a contract that states the terms of the work agreement. You are hiring or firing employees: Businesses may face discrimination lawsuits from former employees or jobseekers. You could consult with an attorney before hiring or firing employees. An attorney could advise you one which mistakes you should avoid during the process. You are creating employment policies: Many businesses…
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Could My Business Face an Employment Lawsuit?

Thousands of employment lawsuits are filed against businesses each year. These are lawsuits that may cover discrimination, harassment, wage and employment classification claims. You may have even heard of several high-profile employment lawsuits. For instance, Google was recently sued over allegations that it discriminated against older job applicants. Uber was sued by female employees who alleged they were paid less and given fewer benefits than male employees. Employment lawsuits may not only be financially costly for your business, but they can also hurt its reputation. Press outlets may sometimes pick up stories of workplace discrimination because they make for attractive headlines. Lawsuits may allege that your business is guilty of sexual harassment, discrimination or retaliation. Your business could also be accused of misclassifying workers as independent contractors. These are just a few examples. Whether your business could face a lawsuit would depend on the circumstances and type of complaint. In…
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