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What Debt Collectors Can and Cannot Do While Collecting Debts

Debtors in the US have certain rights that must be respected by debt collectors. Several years ago, The New York Times wrote an interesting piece on how debt collectors resorted to mob tactics to intimidate debtors. The article described instances of physical violence and destruction of property. Fortunately, debt collectors are not allowed to resort to these tactics in the US. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) offers you certain protections if you have consumer debts. Under this law, third-party debt collection agencies are forbidden from the following: Making threats of physical violence or harm Using obscene or profane language Misrepresenting themselves or the debts owed Threatening to have you arrested Making repeated phone calls with the intent to annoy or harass Giving false information about you to other parties Coming to your workplace to collect payments Pursuing you for debts you do not owe We have only listed…
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When are Debt Collectors Breaking the Law?

If you have fallen behind on your debt obligations, then you most likely have been contacted by a debt collector. When it comes to consumer debts, third-party collectors are limited in what they can say to debtors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) grants borrowers with consumer debts certain protections against aggressive debt collection tactics. Under the FDCPA, debt collectors are forbidden from: Making threats: Collectors cannot use threats of violence to collect debts. In addition, they cannot threaten your reputation. For example, it could be against the FDCPA if a collector threatened to have you fired for not making payments. Using obscene language: Debt collectors cannot use obscene or profane language when communicating with debtors. Making harassing calls: If a debt collector calls you at midnight multiple times a week, they are likely in violation of the FDCPA. Collectors cannot make phone calls with the intent to harass…
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