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What Can I Do When I’m Sued for an Unpaid Debt?

If you owe a debt of any kind and have not made any payments on that debt recently, then you may end up being sued for an unpaid debt. Creditors and collection companies that have not received any payments from you in some time may feel that filing a lawsuit against you is their best option to make you repay. Here’s a breakdown of what happens when a creditor sues you and what you can do. What Happens When Creditors Sue for Unpaid Debts? First, your creditor or a lawyer working on their behalf will file a complaint in court against you and any cosigners you may have. The complaint will list off who the creditor is, why they are suing you and what they are suing you for. Usually, creditors sue for repayment of the debt plus interest, as well as administration and attorney’s fees. After filing their complaint,…
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How Can Creditors Collect Debts from Me?

When you owe money to a creditor, they will try just about anything to get that money off of you. You could very easily compare creditor’s collection actions to trying to get water from a stone, but they will never stop harassing you until one of two things happens; you pay the debt or you receive a bankruptcy discharge. How Do Creditors Collect Debts? If you are unable to pay your debts, creditors will stoop to the lowest levels in order to collect from you. Even if it means putting you in a terrible position, and leaving you without means to live a reasonable life, creditors will use a variety of collection tactics, including: Wage garnishment Repossession Foreclosure Harassment Tax refund Intercepts To collect on some debts, creditors may be able to start garnishing your wages. Creditors can take up to 25 percent of your income, or 30 times the…
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What If a Creditor Rejects Your Payments?

If you have a large outstanding debt, chances are that it will eventually go to a collection agency. These agencies use harassing techniques to get what money they can from you, including multiple phone calls a day and letters. In order to make it stop, you may be able to work out a settlement deal with them, but it doesn’t always work out. In some cases, a creditor or a collection agency may even refuse to accept payments from you. What If a Creditor Rejects Your Payments? Although a creditor or a collection agency can choose to accept settlement deals for less than the original amount, they are not required by law to do so. Not only can a collection agency demand the full amount, but many states allow them to add on extra fees and interest rates if the debt remains unpaid. What Can You Do If Your Settlement…
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