How to Promote Equality without Workplace Discrimination

Man and woman waiting to enter a job interviewWorkplace equality and diversity is of the utmost importance, but sometimes it’s hard to promote those things without inadvertently discriminating against others. Diversity and equality in business leads to great things and opens a lot of doors. Here are some tips for promoting equality without committing workplace discrimination.

  • Lead by Example – Employees look to their superiors for guidance, so by promoting equality yourself, your attitude may just rub off on those around you. Make an effort to attend equality events such a gay pride or similar activities and encourage others to join you.
  • Inclusive, NOT Exclusive – More often than not, employers find themselves in trouble for discrimination when they are trying to promote equality, but unintentionally do so in a discriminatory manner. For example, giving a promotion to a woman over a man because you want to have more females in management positions can be discriminatory against men, even if your intention was to achieve an equal balance in the upper level. Instead, try encouraging more women to apply for the position, but make the decision based on merit not gender.
  • Act Preemptively – Rather than waiting for something to go wrong before you act, try setting up some formal training seminars to teach managers and employees the importance of equality and the dangers of discrimination.
  • Discipline – If an employee or manager within the business refuses to stop making discriminatory remarks or actions, then maybe they need to move on. Don’t let one leak sink your ship.

Promoting equality in the workplace is just a sound business plan and diversity among employees, including gender, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation and more, allows a business to operate more creatively and efficiently.


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