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Mergers or acquisitions that create limited liability companies, new corporations, partnerships can be very complex transactions, and experienced business law attorneys in New Jersey can provide expert advice and consultation in the formation of any of these and other types of business entities.

How to Merge with Another Company

When deciding on the next way to grow your business, you may consider combining your business operations with another entity to increase market share or gain valuable assets. Two ways to do this is through mergers and acquisitions. Merger: When two companies combine into one. There are different types of mergers, most of which combine companies or assets in similar industries. Acquisition: When a company claims ownership of another company by purchasing at least 50 percent of its assets. This is done through purchases of stock or other types of property. Both options can be beneficial or disastrous, depending on the decision made. Many times, companies may not be as compatible with each other as they initially thought, resulting in huge losses for both companies. Deciding on which company to merge or acquire with and what new entity to form is very important. Different Kinds of Business Entities Corporation: A…
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5 Steps for Maintaining Your Company Culture After an Acquisition

A merger or acquisition by a large company is a common objective for business owners, but sometimes smaller companies lose their unique culture after the merger closes. These changes can scare away top employees and take away from the business’s unique strengths. Here are some ideas on how to preserve your company culture after a buyout. 5 Steps for Maintaining Your Company Culture After and Merger or Acquisition Create clear expectations: One key to a successful merger is retention, and one of the keys to retention is to eliminate uncertainty as soon as possible. Make sure the whole team knows what compensation, benefits and expectations there will be at the new company. Even if not all the news is good, it’s better to let them know than keep them in the dark. Good people usually have plenty of opportunities to leave if you don’t keep them in the loop. Appoint…
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Things to consider before buying a franchise

Purchasing a franchise may seem like a no-brainer, as you are buying into an existing business that has already seen some success. However, even a well-established brand is not a risk-free endeavor. Buying a franchise carries a fair amount of risk. There are a number of things you should consider before you start plotting your acquisition of a franchise. First of all, review your franchise agreement carefully. It holds the key to just about every facet of your franchise, including your obligations and terms. It is important to know what you are getting into so you can determine if the franchise is a good fit for you. Consider additional costs that you may face after your franchise fee. You may need to cover rent, furnishings and remodeling, inventory and insurance. You should also be prepared to pay the necessary number of employees before your franchise gets off the ground. Take…
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