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There are several factors to consider in business formation, and a business formation lawyer can help answer any questions you may have about starting your business.

How Can I Avoid Business Communication Problems?

Communication problems between your employees are typically a symptom of other major issues at your company. Your workers should feel as if they are on the same team and fighting towards the same goals. Problems communicating, rampant infighting and unhealthy competition can derail operations. In the worst-case scenario, it can ruin the reputation of your business and lead to rapid turnover. There are multiple ways you may avoid common communication problems. Set clear expectations and goals. Your employees should have a clear understanding of what your business is trying to accomplish. All employees should also understand how you intend to accomplish these goals. Put your goals and expectations in writing. Clearly define job duties and responsibilities. Avoid leaving employees in the dark. You should share critical information with employees. When you keep secrets and fail to share information, it leads to fear and distrust. Employees who do not receive critical…
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3 Tips for Starting a Small Business

Starting a small business can be extremely fulfilling, but it is also a huge challenge, especially for first-time business owners. When you start a small business, you will have questions from day one, such as: Do you need to keep your day job? How will you support yourself and your family until your business takes off? Will your business plan translate to the real world? What are the state and municipal laws regarding your type of business? Here is a little advice to help small business owners start out on the right foot. Tips to Successfully Start a Small Business Forbes recently featured an article with advice for how to successfully start a small business. The top three tips from the article were: Fix a Problem – One of the best ways to build a customer base is to provide a service that solves a problem that your target market…
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How to Set Up an LLC in New Jersey

Setting up a business in the United States is relatively easy by international standards: a Business Insider poll ranked the US number 11 in ease of starting a business amongst developed nations. Although this is relatively high on the list, there are still many permits and bureaucratic loopholes you need to jump through to start a business in this country. Below is a list of several of the things you will need to start a business in New Jersey. 8 Steps to Set Up an LLC in New Jersey Name: If you are starting an LLC, you need to include LLC or L.L.C. in your name. Some words require additional paperwork such as: bank, doctor, or engineer. Words that will confuse your business with a federal agency are restricted. You can do a name search online to see if your name and URL hasn’t already been taken. Registered Agent: You…
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