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If an NJ business or large corporation has taken advantage of you as a consumer, you should contact a qualified consumer protection attorney to help you make the business pay for its actions.

What Are Common Tax Season Scams?

The IRS has issued a warning on identity theft several weeks before tax season is set to begin. According to the IRS, they have received an increase in reports of identity thieves attempting to access the W-2s of employees at small businesses. W-2 forms contain extensive personal information. This is only one type of scam that could cost you dearly during tax season. Identity thieves may use the following scams to steal your information or take your hard-earned money. Phishing emails: These are emails that attempt to trick you into giving personal information or clicking on links. Phishing emails can be designed to look like they are coming from the IRS or your employer. Some phishing emails may contain links or attachments that download malware onto your computer. Malware could log keystrokes, take control of your PC or view what is on your screen. Soliciting payments: Another common scam involves…
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What Are Some Common Real Estate Scams?

When attempting to rent or purchase a home, a multitude of scam artists can attempt to overcharge on mortgages, steal identities, and cause you much grief in your financial and personal life. It is important to know how to look out for these scams to avoid them. Different Types of Real Estate Scams Moving fraud: Some moving companies have been guilty of quoting a low price only to demand more before actually moving your belongings. Checking the moving company for online reviews and their profile with the Better Business Bureau will be helpful to see if they have any registered complaints. Getting written price estimates from several movers can help you get an idea if they are shorting the initial price. Predatory loans: Practices such as selling mortgages for extremely high prices, charging unnecessary fees and surcharges, encouraging borrowers to lie about income levels to secure loans, and charging higher…
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Consumer Protections Could Be Lessening: Watch Out for Unfair Lending Practices

There are actions being taken in Congress right now to lessen the strength of agencies designed to keep consumers safe from unfair practices, such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Some politicians criticize these agencies, claiming that they are harming businesses that are just trying to operate as they have been. In a country ravaged by unfair lending practices and student debt, consumers need to be very careful when engaging in transactions with these companies. Another target is the Dodd-Frank wall street reform passed in 2010, following the great recession. This rule strengthened regulation on financial industries and lending practices. Unfair lending tactics can be illegal, and learning what they are can help you find out if you are being victimized. Watch Out for These Unfair Lending Practices Loan flipping: This practice occurs when borrowers are convinced to refinance their mortgage with the promise of more money coming back…
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