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What Kind of Mortgage Should I Choose?

Taking out a mortgage is a serious commitment, and choosing the right one for your financial situation could be the key to a happy future. If you have found the home you want and have the finances to start making payments on it, ask yourself these questions when considering a mortgage. What Kind of Mortgage Lender Should You Choose? Mortgage broker: A mortgage broker networks with multiple mortgage lenders to find you the most convenient price and terms. The broker will often get a price that is better than if you went to the lender on your own, but will also charge you a fee. Wholesale lenders: These are banks or other financial entities that have the money to give out, but have a retailer interact directly with the customers to complete the deal. Portfolio lenders: This type of mortgage lender has their own money and can set their own…
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How to Set Up an LLC in New Jersey

Setting up a business in the United States is relatively easy by international standards: a Business Insider poll ranked the US number 11 in ease of starting a business amongst developed nations. Although this is relatively high on the list, there are still many permits and bureaucratic loopholes you need to jump through to start a business in this country. Below is a list of several of the things you will need to start a business in New Jersey. 8 Steps to Set Up an LLC in New Jersey Name: If you are starting an LLC, you need to include LLC or L.L.C. in your name. Some words require additional paperwork such as: bank, doctor, or engineer. Words that will confuse your business with a federal agency are restricted. You can do a name search online to see if your name and URL hasn’t already been taken. Registered Agent: You…
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Should You Take on Student Loan Debt for Your Children?

As tuition prices rise, so does the desire for parents to take on student loans for their children. It is understandable why a parent would want to put themselves into debt to help out their beloved children. However, student debt is at record high levels and recent reports of bad student loan practices against the loan provider Navient have left many people wondering if they should have ever taken out a loan at all. According to a recent survey by Student Loan Hero, 55% of parents have over $40,000 in student debt, often taken out of their retirement funds. This can have a lasting impact on some of these parents for the rest of their lives. Should Your Child Pay for Their Own Education? Although letting your child take on debt for college can seem intimidating, letting them pave their own way for schooling could be a great learning experience…
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