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What Cyber Security Measures Does Your Business Need?

Is your business capable of handling the problems presented by the digital age? The world is becoming more and more dependent on handheld devices and the internet. That’s why it’s becoming so important for your business to be connected, but that connectivity comes with some security risks that you need to be prepared for. Does My Business Need Cyber Security Measures? Keep Updated– The older the software, the longer hackers have had to crack it. That’s why it is important to stay ahead of these cyber criminals by making sure you have the latest software. Be sure to also keep up with updates for the software you have since these updates often include security patches. Make Strong Passwords– If the password to any of your business’ systems is ‘1234’, ‘qwerty’ or “password’, then you have a weak password and you need to change it immediately. Secure passwords use letters (capital…
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Have You Fallen Victim to Any of These Bad Debts?

Are you having problems making ends meet? Are you behind on loan or mortgage payments? Have you tried to get back on track but you can’t figure out why things aren’t changing? These may be a sign that bad debt is hanging over your head, but our New Jersey bankruptcy attorneys have seen these debts first hand. Here are a few ways you can fight these bad debts off… Ways We Fall Victim to Bad Debts Overspending—If you make $1,500 a month, but spend $200 on cable, internet, and cell phone bills, you’re probably overspending. These are mostly entertainment, and when it comes to debt, no entertainment is worth digging yourself deeper into the hole. Waiting– If you are just five or six months behind on your mortgage, then you still have options. Bankruptcy lawyers can help you negotiate a loan modification to get you back on track. But every…
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Why Did This Fair Practices Lawsuit Get a Close Shave?

Do you know how big the international shaving razor market is? Probably a lot bigger than you ever imagined. One company controls around 65 percent of the market for shaving razors worldwide, and that company brings in about $7 billion a year. So, when a new kid on the block shows up, you bet that company is going to protect its business. But did this company’s non-compete lawsuit go too far? Its competitor thinks so, and it filed a fair practices lawsuit to prove it. Will This Fair Practices Lawsuit Cut Deep? ShaveLogic is an ambitious new startup in the shaving industry. Its advanced razors features more blades in a smaller razor and a shaving head that locks in place with magnets. After developing its products, and putting together a sizzle reel, this company started approaching investors a few years ago, but things haven’t gone according to plan. P&G—owners of…
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