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Do You Need a Lawyer to Sell a Business?

The decision to sell a business can be very challenging. Determining a fair price and finding a quality new owner to take over operations is just the beginning. There are a multitude of complicated legal and financial decisions that need to be invested in the process to ensure the deal is fair for both parties. Planning ahead when selling your business is very important as it can save you a lot of money for your retirement. How Should You Plan for Selling Your Business? Seek out a team of professionals: Unless you are well versed in local tax laws, business transaction laws, and an expert in business valuation, getting a business transaction attorney, accountant, and business broker will be necessary to avoid making huge sales errors that could greatly devalue the transaction. Plan your taxes: According to, mistakes made on the tax details alone could sacrifice 50 percent of…
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Why Should I Check My Credit Score?

A credit score is something important that can factor into several decisions. Whether you are trying to secure a loan, apply for new housing, or a new job, a credit background check could be completed to see if you are eligible. A poor credit score can make it difficult to secure these important items, and your credit score may not be an exact reflection of your credit history. Mistakes on credit reports are quite common. You can get a free copy of your credit report from the three major credit bureaus once a year. How Is Credit Score Calculated? Payment history, amount of credit owed, length of credit history, new credit, and type of credit used.  Bankruptcy and late payments are included in payment history scores. Different factors have varying degrees of weight in the overall score. What Are Some Common Reporting Errors? False identities: Credit agencies have been found…
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5 Ways to Start Saving for Retirement

Saving for retirement is something that many Americans forget to do. A study conducted by the Federal Reserve’s Survey for Consumer Finance in 2013, found that 53% of households aged 55 to 64 had savings in retirement accounts. This means that millions of Americans approach retiring age do not have account savings to rely on. However, there are always options available to start saving soon. It’s never too late to start new financial habits. 5 Common Retirement Saving Options Social security: This government retirement program can be applied for online, and instructions and details about eligibility requirements are included on their website. Pensions: Many workers in the Government, or social services may be eligible for pensions. Talk to your employer about different pension options. 401K: These are employer-sponsored retirement plans that allow tax-free contributions to the account, and employer matching contributions in many cases. IRAs: These are individual accounts that…
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Do I Need a Mortgage Broker to Find a House?

Looking for your dream home is not a decision that should be rushed. You will likely end up spending much of your life paying off a home, and getting a house that is right for your life is extremely important for well-being. You may try to seek out a home on your own, but there are risks involved if you are not familiar with the housing market and unfair mortgage practices. One of the options you have to ease the process of finding a good deal is to consult a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker has access to many different mortgage options and homes, and has knowledge to help you select one that fits your needs. Benefits That a Mortgage Broker Can Provide Consolidation: The broker can act as a liaison between different parties that will be involved in the loan process, including escrow officers and title companies. This will…
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When Do You Need a Construction Lawyer?

Construction projects involve the interaction of multiple parties including contractors, large construction companies, equipment manufacturers, and real estate agencies. With the amount of coordination needed from different parties, many issues can arise. Disputes that get serious enough may need legal action to settle. Construction Issues That May Require Legal Assistance Physical property damage: If your personal property is damaged during construction, you may need assistance from an attorney to get reimbursement for the value of the property. Construction delays: Some construction companies will take your money before building then continue to delay the project. Breach of contract: Multiple contracts may be involved with a construction project. To fully understand them and hold every party accountable to the terms, an attorney may be needed. Real estate lawsuits: These can arise for many different reasons including zoning and land use laws, title issues, mechanics lien payments, and real estate inspections. These are…
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