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New Technology Could be Changing the Business Landscape

A new technology is on the brink of changing how business is done, regulated, and it seems likely to affect many different industries and entities. It is called blockchain. Blockchain is the technology that is behind the encrypted online currency, bitcoin. Blockchain creates a trail of data in the system that cannot be altered, but is visible to everyone. This can greatly reduce transparency issues and corruption throughout many facets of modern life. For example, banks can use it to easily identify fraudulent transactions and track transactions from multiple sources all in the same software program, rather than having to use multiple databases. Keep reading below, to see how blockchain could be changing your industry. How Blockchain Could Affect Different Industries Real estate: The housing market is in a position where buyer demand is very high, but new construction of homes is low. This creates a very high demand for…
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Could Moving States Help You Tackle Your Student Loan Debt?

The CEO and creator of the student loan repayment website came up with an interesting strategy when he wanted to tackle over $100,000 in student debt. Move states. He was living in New York City, which has one of the highest income tax rates in the nation. He decided to move to Austin, TX, where there is no state income tax or municipal taxes, and living expenses average about 20 percent less overall. This move freed up over $15,000 of annual income, which gave him more wiggle room to deal with his student loan debt. He was able to start making extra payments, and he designed a tool on his website that can calculate how much money people could save by moving to a state with no income tax. Keep reading to learn what states don’t have income tax, and how much you could save by moving. Where Should…
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Small Business Tax Guide: Don’t Make These Common Filing Mistakes

Many small business owners are filing taxes for their enterprise for the first time this year. There is a lot to know, and a number of different factors that will make your small business tax situation unique. Knowing how to file your taxes properly can save your company money and keep you safe from making illegal tax mistakes. Keep reading below for a list of some of the most common mistakes you should try to avoid. Mistakes That Set Off Alarm Bells at the IRS Hiding your income: If your business is cash-heavy, it could be tempting to not report a large percentage of your earnings. The IRS knows when companies are likely to have a large percentage of cash purchases and can find out if you are underreporting. Writing off startup expenses as deductions: Starting a new business will cause you to spend lots of money traveling to meet…
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